We are surrounded by opportunity in the form of untapped computing power.

From the moment we wake up to our smartphone alarm clock, to the tablets and devices of home, the laptops, desktops and servers at work, we are never far from a computer.

Yet we send our data to the cloud to be processed, often hundreds of miles away, while a computer nearby goes unutilized.

Our reliance on centralized data centers like Amazon’s cloud will become unsustainable as the number of connected devices explodes.



The nearest Amazon data center is almost 300 miles from NYC, meaning data passes potentially tens of millions of computers on its way to be processed. In a world where it’s still faster to ship a 2TB hard disk to Amazon in the mail than upload it to the cloud, there has to be a more efficient way to store and process large quantities of data from the edge of a network.



The computing power that runs the internet is currently concentrated in data centers, centralizing power over a resource that permeates nearly every aspect of our lives and creating single points of failure. Developer error, malicious attack or natural disaster can take out centralized data centers in an instant.

IoT Tsunami

IoT Tsunami

The IoT revolution will bring at least 30 billion devices online by 2020, producing an estimated 600 zetabytes of data per year. This is over 275 times more data than is expected to flow the other direction from data centers to users. Bandwidth strain is inevitable. IoT represents a monumental shift in the quantity and direction of data flow on the internet, which cloud was not designed to handle.

ActiveAether’s distributed network for compute is the solution.

ActiveAether is a ‘fog computing’ technology that extends cloud computing to the ‘edge’ of a network, enabling any computing device to host software services and process data.


Inefficiency Efficiency

The ActiveAether architecture enables the flexible consumption of computing resources that span a continuum from on-premise, to ‘nearby’, to cloud—with each used, as appropriate, for its varying properties of speed, availability, bandwidth, and scalability.


Centralization Decentralization

ActiveAether provides the open access, near-infinite scalability and metered billing of cloud, without the location-dependency of server farms, and with the balance, resource efficiency, and resilience that comes from distributed computing.

This decentralization creates a general democratization of control over the internet and increased competition for the price of computing power.

IoT Tsunami

IoT Tsunami Smooth Sailing

By optimizing the geographic proximity of data and computation, ActiveAether enables data to be processed closer to where it is produced. This reduces the time that data spends traveling through a network, improving both task throughput and response time, and reducing the overall load on a network (and the Internet) caused by IoT.

The Future of Compute: A Global Market

ActiveAether is transforming computing as it currently exists by leveraging the spare computing power of the billions of computers worldwide that sit idle throughout the day. By enabling the dynamic use of the most appropriate computing resources, from on-site, to ‘nearby’, to cloud, ActiveAether is creating a resilient global computing infrastructure that is more reliable than cloud alone.  ActiveAether enables lower latency, significantly lower bandwidth consumption, and an open market for computing time on both CPUs & GPUs worldwide.

The addition of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, FogCoin, enables distributed transactions between participants in the network. FogCoin will power a global market in which any individual or organization can be a consumer and provider of computing resources.

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