We are surrounded by opportunity in the form of untapped computing power.

The devices in our offices, homes and even our pockets, regularly work at a small fraction of their capacity. ActiveAether leverages this untapped computing power, turning existing devices into “cloud” providers that can host services and process data.

Powered by FogCoin, ActiveAether’s global network of compute spans a continuum of on-site to cloud. For software developers, it’s a network of resources that’s more competitive, geographically diverse and resilient than cloud. For computer owners everywhere, it’s a way to earn income from devices you already own.

The future of compute is a global marketplace.

Host Providers

Earn FogCoin on devices you already own.

Register your computers as ActiveAether Hosts to contribute processing power when you’re not using them. ActiveAether will deploy to hosts based on criteria like geography, speed and price to meet demand for software services. When demand ceases, Host Providers are compensated and their resources become available again.

Software Publishers

Leverage a competitive market for compute that handles orchestration for you.

Upload your service and its implementation requirements to the ActiveAether network. Your service will automatically be deployed and un-deployed to appropriate hosts based on consumer demand, and you’ll only ever pay Host Providers for the resources you use.

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FogCoin transforms our idle compute into a global marketplace.

FogCoin is the blockchain-based cryptocurrency that enables decentralized transactions between participants in the ActiveAether network.