About ActiveAether

ActiveAether is a serverless computing platform that deploys software on-demand for developers. The platform can leverage processing power across any set of computers: from on-site to cloud, and everywhere in between.

What is Serverless Computing?

Serverless computing allows for the automatic deployment of microservices to a pool of computing resources.

Services are deployed and scaled automatically to meet demand, and undeployed when demand decreases.

Serverless computing promotes the development of modular, loosely-coupled application architectures - an approach that results in applications that are easy to maintain and are less brittle to change than traditional monolithic approaches.

Why Serverless with ActiveAether?

  • ActiveAether turns any set of computers into a Serverless platform.
  • The platform can be deployed on-site, in a single cloud, across multiple clouds & data centers, or any combination thereof.
  • The platform supports the deployment of any type of software service into any type of runtime (e.g. Node.JS, Java, Docker, etc.).


Robert F. MacInnis, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Allan P. Boyd

Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Cody

Marketing & Communications Manager

Corey Freeland

Partnerships Manager

Jason Berry

Senior Software Engineer
Picture of Conrad Benham

Conrad Benham

Senior Software Engineer


Picture of Frank MacInnis

Frank MacInnis

Chairman of the Board, ITT (NYSE: ITT)

Former Chairman & CEO, Emorcor Group (NYSE: EME)

Former Chairman, Williams (NYSE: WMB)

Picture of Professor Al Dearle

Professor Al Dearle

Dean of Science, University of St Andrews

Former Head of School of Computer Science

Foundational contributions to the field of distributed computing

Picture of David Olk

David Olk

CEO & Co-founder, Voray

Co-founder, Shopkeep

Former Director, Kickstarter

Picture of Dr. Jonathan D.T. Ward

Dr. Jonathan D.T. Ward

Co-founder, Atlas Organization

Multi-lingual China-India relations specialist

Doctorate, Oxford University